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The earth is a global community with historical, cultural, geographical and political cohesion, which provided the super-platform for the creation of an independent worldwide specialized organization.

World Humanity Commission hereinafter referred to as World Humanity Organization also referred to as World Humanity Foundation and referred to as Commission for Humanity and referred to as WHC System, is an independent worldwide specialized organization for humanity whose daily humanitarian missions, domestic and diplomatic roles within world communities is building the humanity humankind deserve; restoring a complete feeling of self-worth; providing better platform upon peaceful coexistence across people of ethnical, social, political and religious lines; maximizing engagements and results for the promotion of humanitarian consciousness and service toward the sustainability of universal peace, unity and internationally recognized human rights; creating a safe and better society, in the context of human race against social, political and economic intolerance for the advancement of humanity. It has more than a million followers, supporters, members and volunteers working in community of over 202 countries and territories to find lasting solution to eradicate poverty, hunger and injustice as economic growth must be balanced with social equity to achieve a just and sustainable civilization.

Founded in 1987–through–1989 [September 9] by a renowned humanitarian: HE. Prof. Dr. Sir Zelly Mighty, D.Div; D.hc; KSB; KSP; –with the help of – Late Dr. Mighty Gabriel –[UNE].

World Humanity Commission composed of over 202 countries and territories, is comprised of experienced bureaucrats; leaders of the world politics, arts, culture, literature, and science among other diplomacy personalities who are intelligent, goal-oriented and personable. Progressive distinguished men and women of repute from all walk of life and faith who have dedicated themselves to the question of humanity through leadership, service and volunteerism in a strategic and innovative manner with objective that make a difference in their communities; building a world of sustainable peace where each individual can live in freedom, unity, cooperation and co-prosperity; undertaking to strengthen coordination in which the strategic development action reflect input from all relevant stakeholders and member countries to collectively promote humanitarian mission, domestic and diplomatic relations, cooperation, ratification, domestication, and integration aimed at achieving inclusive, equitable political stability and sustainable development to ultimately move from a Community of States to a Community of People. “One Community – One Vision – One Reality” –a single economic space in World Community of over 202 Countries and Territories.

WHC is headed by the World Chairman; the President assisted by Vice President; the Secretary General assisted by Deputy Secretary General; High Commissioners; Council of Representatives; Commissioners; Council of Directors; Advisory Council; and Standing Committee, among other institutions.

Sequel to the Humanitarian needs throughout the world, the Management Council is desirous of initiating mutual recognition and friendly diplomatic relations between the World Humanity Commission and Nations so that we may obtain and ensure both funding and access to champion Humanitarian Diplomatic Missions and Cause for Humanity. While creating great opportunities for targeted business dialogue, community involvement, learning and participation; and contributing treasures to the society for humanity, through application of universal special goodwill and strengthening friendship between people across the globe.

Imagine waking up every day not knowing what to feed your family. As hunger in society reaches unprecedented levels, relief from World Humanity Commission is the only thing preventing millions of people from starving to death.

Plant The Seed with World Humanity Commission – Let's Build The HUMANITY HumanKind Deserve!