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Humanitarian service is an act of passion and genuine Love towards people of lower class or less privileged; which is geared in putting smiles in their faces and bringing hopes to them.

“Humanity is the qualities that reside within and define a human being; qualities that make us humane; radiating kindness, generosity, compassion, love and care for all life on this planet, and even for the planet in which we live. As soon as we understand the importance of humanity in day to day life, the purpose for which we are on Earth is automatically fulfilled, and only then we can say we belong to humanity”. –SZM | WHC | Commission for Humanity.


Humanity Awards | Humanity Choice Awards | Humanity Prize Awards and its World Order of Nobles –Dignitaries and Philanthropists Awards [WONDPA] is an annual recognition event organized to honor governments, organizations and individuals whose large hearts, philanthropic and humanitarian gestures are enviable; those whose antecedents left people not in doubt, and have distinguished them in terms of goodwill toward others through human capacity building, community development, skills training and job creations, scholarships, civic social responsibilities, youths and women empowerment, peacekeeping, reconciliation, poverty alleviation, healthcare, education, security, human rights advocacy, and promoting unity and oneness of purpose, thereby significantly contributing to the sustainable economic growth and development in our society, for Humanity.

It is therefore, the greatest prestigious humanitarian achievement award on earth; a creation of the World Humanity Commission, recognized by the World Community of over 202 Countries and Territories, and placed in the World Hall of Fame Gallery | World Hall of Fame Records.


The earth is a global community of over 202 countries and territories; blessed with enterprising, hardworking and promising men and women (old and young generation) who are the leaders of today, and future leaders.

True, the world has produced great men and women who have distinguished themselves in all fields of human endeavors; and who have achieved greatness in their professional carriers.

Humanity Awards Team of WHC Researchers are working tirelessly to unveil the World Most Inspired Leaders of the 21st century; the World Most Humanitarian Governments, Organization and Corporate Bodies in Excellence; and the 100 World Most Influential Men, Women and Youths drawn from across the globe irrespective of their nationality or biological country of origin, state or country of residence, culture, and political affiliation.

The search and evaluation process focus on area of academics, entrepreneurs, entertainment, sports, leadership, economy, arts, culture, tourism, infrastructure, and agriculture, among other development aspect which has inspired people, particularly the Child and Youths, and has contributed in the development of our society.

The Nominees shall in their respective area of excellence be designated in various categories and as “Role Models” for Children and Youths. While the Governments, Government Ministries, Government Agencies, Organizations, and Private Sectors among other establishments shall in their respective area of excellence be designated in the categories of “Excellence Awards”.

Nominations for the Humanity Awards is open for top Public Figures, Celebrities, Politicians, and Power Brokers, among other personalities (men and women of strong repute and high regards). However, the age criteria only apply to Nominees in the category of “100 Most Influential Men, Women and Youths”:
⦁ The 100 Most Influential Men and Women should not be below 40 years of age.
⦁ The 100 Most Influential Youths should not be below 25 or above 45 years of age.

All useful information, record of achievements, contacts, photos, personal citation, personal profile, and corporate profile of the Nominees should be forwarded to the Email: | Email: to help guide the Technical Working Committee and the Management Council with updates of necessary bio-data and corporate files for research, review, evaluation, justifications and documentations.


⦁ Names of the confirmed awardees will be published and copied to Governments through Embassies, Government Ministries and Agencies, among other relevant authorities and establishments for national documents, records, archives, and promotional purposes.
⦁ Every donation received will be accounted for and however, names of those who donated will be written in Gold and placed in the World Hall of Fame Records.
⦁ Every recipient of the Humanity Awards is automatically a Member of our growing Alumni and shall represent the brand at all public and private functions such as summits, conferences, seminars, etc., and Fundraiser programme #iDonateToHumanity which focuses on humanitarian projects; free qualitative education, health care systems, water, building homes for the poor, donations to the orphanage homes, skills training, empowerment schemes, safe houses, among other things.

Truly, your selfless service to humanity is appealing to us, and we encourage you to continue to do more. Together we will address issues concerning children, youths and women and how the governments, international organizations, stakeholders, youths and women can consolidate to implement a feasible strategy in achieving internal stability under a sustainable environment of peace, unity and oneness of purpose for humanity.

⦁ The recipients (Awardees) shall be immortalized in the minds on millions of people; and be installed in schools among other institutions as world’s most Role Models of our time.
⦁ They will grace front page and center page of our media partners; read in national and international news; and publish on nets, projected to be strongly recommended for leadership position(s). And great mileage, among other benefits, including but not limited to the following:
⦁ The Women and Youths will be motivated, and encouraged to participate in active politics, leadership, and good governance in our society through seeking for elective positions, and appointments.
⦁ The acronym of the Humanity Awards refers to as “HA”; ChildCare Excellence refers to as: “CCE”; Afro-Asian CHILD Role Model refers to as: “AACR”; etc., are craved for recipients of the awards to add after their names example: [Nelson Mandela, HA; AACR].

It is a great privilege and pleasure to be nominated in the Humanity Awards, as receiving the award represent the most outstanding recognition, rank the greatest prestigious humanitarian achievement award in the world; an initiative of the Commission for Humanity –[World Humanity Commission® –WHC], recognized by the international community; well received, cherished and placed in the World Hall of Fame Gallery | World Hall of Fame Records.